About Us

February 20, 2015
20 Feb 2015

Upon the inception of Suburban Dream Homes our philosophy has been to provide our clients with the highest quality product on the market. Suburban Dream Homes is a residential, renovation and new construction home builder focused on creating unique, highly detailed, finely crafted residences within the Twin Cities metro area and beyond.

We strive to form collaborative partnerships between architecture, structure and interior design – along with our highly skilled tradesmen and specialized suppliers.

Our goal is to develop lifelong relationships with not only our clients, but also with those who help us craft a home to enhance the lives of our customers. Your home is not just a place you’re obliged to take others in, but one to express your love and care, whether it be to family, friends or maybe just an old acquaintance for a quick cup of coffee.

We are a family owned company that has seen great success since we began in 2010, having made a big splash in the upper end home and condo market, creating new places for you to call home.